What’s The Difference Between A Democrat And A Socialist?

In the tax debate hosted by CNN on November, 28th, 2017, between Sen. Ted Cruz, Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, Maria Cantwell, and Tim Scott – Cruz asked Maria Cantwell, “What’s the  difference between a Democrat and a Socialist?”1 – asserting between Bernie Sanders and Herself in the Democratic Party.  She then avoided directly answering the question by saying, “…we’re a big-tent party. There’s room for Bernie and there’s room for me,” insinuating that all viewpoints are welcome in the Democratic Party. Therefore skirting any allegations to Bernie Sanders praising Cuba’s universal healthcare system and education, whilst praising Fidel Castro, the communist Cuban dictator in an interview from 1985.2

The real questions is not what is the difference, rather it’s why are people still socialists/communists/progressives? Of course then radical Leftists shout out that’s not real “Socialism/Marxism/Communism/Liberalism/Progressivism” etc. To their dismay rather, that’s not the entire story.  I think however, that’s a much shoddier answer than attempting to distance themselves from real “Socialism/Marxism/Communism/Liberalism/Progressivism.” Phrased another way, if what happened in the 20th century that caused the death of hundreds of millions people – give or take 10 million – was only a fraction of what real “Socialism/Marxism/Communism/Liberalism/Progressivism” acutely represents then, how many more dead bodies would have accrued via real “Socialism/Marxism/Communism/Liberalism”?  Moreover, these bourgeoisie Alinskyites only rule as communists – praising socialist leaders like Hugo Chavez and Manuel Zelaya, pushing progressive policies like social security, welfare, universal healthcare, government subsidies and bailouts, disastrous public education – while Bernie Sanders and the like live as capitalists.

How is it that a community organizer making $80K a year as a Chicago Senator made over $40 million in the course of his eight-year reprehensible presidency?3  In addition to his atrocious economic policies that left millions and millions of Americans poorer because of his “socialist” ideologies whilst raking in the dough.  Obama, the forth worst economic president in history post-war,4 was not able to maintain a 3% economic growth (GDP),5 while every other president was able to do so.

The Senator from Vermont tweeted “How many yachts do billionaires need? How many cars do they need? Give us a break. You can’t have it all.”6 To which came the onslaught of question asking Bernie “How many mansions do you need?”  Vanity Fair broke a story about Sanders purchasing a third house. Though his annual income of $200,000 still makes him one of the least wealthy senators, “the former Democratic presidential candidate made some $858,750 off book royalties alone last year,” Newsweek reports. “Combined with his Senate salary, he likely cleared $1 million in earnings.”7

Another question often gets asked by pundits: how much was Reverend Al Gore’s utility bill in 2007?  (Hint: over $30K a month).8  All while preaching that Americans need to reduce their carbon footprint, in order for members of the intelligentsia to siphon government funding in the supremacy of Climate Change.

Meanwhile Democrats are sending their kids to private schools by the droves, sicking the IRS like lap dogs on conservatives, raking in mounds of cash giving speeches to wall street while advocating for the down trodden.  I bet Obama and the like get to keep their doctors.  Now, Gore, Sanders, the Obama’s and Clinton’s are all multimillionaires. Urging minorities to vote for them because they can fight against greedy capitalists.  I guess that’s how real wealth is made in the 21st Century.  A zero-sum game? These elite progressives have the intelligence, education and influence to shield themselves from the ramifications of their own ideologies.  Meanwhile, Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign was conceived to hold the Obama coalition that put him in the White House twice based on the theory of liberal social issues by playing identity politics, by getting the right number of black, Hispanic, LGBTQ and other minority votes.

The Democratic Party welcome all communists, socialists, progressives, and radical leftists embedded in their own evil ideologies, while importing low-skill workers from South of the border to promote their “open-border” serfdom agenda. I think I answered my own question that Senator Cruz purposed asking what was the difference between socialists like Senator Sanders and herself and the Democratic Party? Obviously, there is none.


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