Install VMware Tools Ubuntu Server Virtual Machine

Recently, I’ve created a few Ubnuntu 14.04.04 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.2.0-36-generic x86_64)LAMP Severs. Since these VMs are not Windows, I wanted to find out how to install VMware tools for HA. So, that if the ESXi host has problems, it can talk to the guest OS, in this case Linux Ubuntu Server 14.04.4. I found these steps helpful.

I first tried to install Vmware Tools using the open-vm-tools command


Ubuntu sudo apt-get install open-vm-tools-lts-trusty
Debian sudo apt-get install open-vm-tools


After the installation the VMware Tools status had a ? rather than the green check mark

Running (Current).

It also stated


I uninstalled open-vm-tools

Ubuntu and Debian sudo apt-get remove open-vm-tools


Instead I used the legacy method of mounting the VMware tools ISO to the virtual machine and then, unpacking the files before installing them.

© 2016 VMware, Inc.

Ubuntu Server With Only A Command Line Interface (Legacy)

Go to Virtual Machine > Install VMware Tools (or VM > Install VMware Tools).

Note: If you are running the light version of Fusion, or a version of Workstation without VMware Tools, or VMware Player, you are prompted to download the Tools before they can be installed. Click Download Now to begin the download.

In the Ubuntu guest, run these commands:

Run this command to create a directory to mount the CD-ROM:

username@hostname:/$ sudo mkdir /mnt/cdrom

When prompted for a password, enter your Ubuntu admin user password.

Note: For security reasons, the typed password is not displayed. You do not need to enter your password again for the next five minutes.

Run this command to mount the CD-ROM:

username@hostname:/$ sudo mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom


The file name of the VMware Tools bundle varies depending on your version of the VMware product. Run this command to find the exact name:


username@hostname:/$ ls /mnt/cdrom 


Run this command to extract the contents of the VMware Tools bundle:


username@hostname:/$ tar xzvf /mnt/cdrom/VMwareTools-x.x.x-xxxx.tar.gz -C /tmp/


Note: x.x.x-xxxx is the version discovered in the previous step.

Run this command to change directories into the VMware Tools distribution:


username@hostname:~$ cd /tmp/vmware-tools-distrib/


Run this command to install VMware Tools:


username@hostname:~/vmware-tools-distrib$ sudo ./


After a series of prompts, it should read


After the last set of prompts, vSphere will ask to disconnect and override the lock ejecting the ISO. Click Yes.

Run this command to reboot the virtual machine after the installation completes:


username@hostname:/vmware-tools-distrib$ sudo reboot




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