DellEMC Storage Center 7.1 Update

We recently updated our storage arrays from SCOS 6.7.11 to and are taking advantage of the new features in this upgrade. After upgrading Dell Storage Manager 2016 R3 (formerly Enterprise Manager) the interface has some new features as well. DSM now has the ability to remotely manage Equallogic PS Groups and Remote Storage Centers […]


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Remembering Project Mercury: 58 Years Since America’s 1st Manned Space Program

Project Mercury: America’s 1st Manned Space Program April 9, 1959, just six-months after the creation of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, formed the Mercury 7 astronauts (formerly Argonauts after the Greek work for explorers) called Project Mercury (, 2014). The original Mercury astronauts are pictured (above) around a table admiring an Atlas model. Standing, left […]

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Set static IP Ubuntu 16.04

Changing Ubuntu Server from DHCP to Static IP Address (Ubuntu Server 16.04 TLS) Recently, created a couple of LAMP stacks with Ubuntu 16.04 and needed to issue a Static IP so that it could be NAT’d as a web server. I have used this command Step 1. sysadmin@ubuntu:~$ sudo nano /etc/network/interface auto ens160 iface ens160 inet […]

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VMware vSphere ScratchConfig Error – Persistent Scratch Location for ESXi 4.x/5.x/6.0

Creating a persistent scratch location for ESXi 4.x/5.x/6.0 Recently, I updated the storage array and while one of the controllers (Dell Compellent split-controller design SC4020) was rebooting, I’ve noticed that occasionally the host loses communication to the SAN array via the fibre channel. Even though I used dual pathing for each ESXi host, vSphere was […]

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Microsoft Discontinues Its Use of Remote Desktop Apps

Microsoft is dropping its Azure RemoteApp technology over the course of the next year and guiding customers to go, instead, with virtualization software and service from Citrix (Foley, 2016). According to Microsoft’s blog post: “Customers have provided us consistent feedback that they want a comprehensive, end-to-end, cloud-based solution for delivering Windows apps. The best way […]

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