What is allsystemsargo.com?

It’s a space and technology blog created to share my experience with other nerds around the world.

Where did the name allsystemsargo come from?

All systems (are) go is an idiom used by NASA during flight control to suggest that everything is ready. The argo in allsystesmargo.com is a nod to the original name for astronauts (NASA.gov, 2005). Neil Armstrong proposed the name Argonauts to NASA because the name meant explorers in Greek mythology, after Jason and the Argonauts (Baldini, 2013). Also, because I’m Greek. My great-grandfather immigrated in the early 1900s from Greece.

Where can I learn even more about space?

Visit NASA.gov to learn even more about space!

How often do you post articles?

I try to post articles on a weekly basis. Look for new content on Thursdays.

Where can I find allsystemsargo.com on social media?

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